Opening Reception


An Exhibit from the Charalampous Collection,
September 6 through January 22, 2019 at the Czech Museum of Houston,, 713-528-2060, 4920 San Jacinto, Houston Texas 77004
Admission/Donation: $6

September 6th, 2018, Dr. Kanellos Charalampous, a native of Greece, welcomed special guests to enjoy his second exhibit at the Czech Center Museum of Houston… and the relationship between Vietnamese and Czechoslovakian Houstonians converged to experience “Vietnamese Art.”

Charalampous Collection’s second exhibit at the Czech Center Museum of Houston is open though October 31, 2018. Supported and endorsed by Council Member Steve Le (a Vietnamese American); Council Member Michael Kubosh (of Czechoslovakian heritage), and the Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest,  the selections offer a cornucopia of authentic Asian color, grace, drama and Vietnamese cultural stimuli for museum visitors. Selections sport a diversity of mediums and rarely seen applications of techniques. The Vietnamese artists being represented in this exhibit range from traditional to the more contemporary and exemplifies Dr. Charalampous' abiding involvement with the human psyche—evident in the many stories he shares with art lovers.

Dr. Kanellos Charalampous is a renowned psychiatrist and professor who immigrated from Greece as a young man. He has called Houston, Texas home since his days at Baylor medical school. Though retired, he still lectures on occasion and He is an clinical professor at University of Texas – Houston. His primary interest is international travel, art collection and exhibition of his art.

Photos from the reception…